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Intensity basketball is the definite leader in the edmonton basketball scene. With the coaches having decades of professional coaching experience. From coaching Olympic teams and training NBA players, you know that your child is in the right hands.

About Us

Something For Everyone!

We realized early on in coaching that it’s not about playing the game. Anyone can play basketball, but what separates NBA players from the rest? Its the hard work, the hours they spend on training that separates top-level athletes from the rest of the pack.

We have taken decades of professional level experience and tweaked and tuned it to create training systems to create top-level athletes. We don’t think practice makes perfect. Perfect practice is what makes perfect.

Our Master Instructors

Jamie Peers

Having coached for over 25 years at every level from minis to the Canadian National Program, Coach Peers has been a pioneer on the Alberta basketball scene. As the founder of the first Alberta club team in the modern era, he has helped hundreds of players move on to post-secondary basketball and beyond.

Jamie is recognized for his strong technical instruction, his innovative approach to teaching the fundamentals of the game and his ability to ground players in the elements that will make them successful at every level.

Donald Philips

Donald Phillips who is known as Don”Tex”Phillips is noted as a true ‘Lifer’ when it comes to Academia, the game of Basketball.

He has established himself as as one of the most successful Educators, Coaches, Trainers and Mentors in Western Canada. has experience in either assisting or building successful basketball programs as reflected in his extensive resume of being the lead Assistant Coach of two of the more historically successful University programs in Canada: the Brandon University Bobcats, and the University Of Alberta Golden Bears; Tex has also dominated high school basketball within the province of Alberta. At Paul Kane high school he had a 2-year record of 70-wins & 6-losses; meanwhile earning Alberta 4A silver (2007) and a gold medal in 2008. When he was the heach Coach at NAIT, he led the Ooks to back-to-back ACAC Championships and his teams were ranked as high as #1 in the Canada two straight years 2009-2011.

Hi Everyone, Jamie here,

As we continue to juggle facility complications and the ongoing COVID restrictions, coach Don ‘Tex’ Phillips and I have decided at this time to commit to a framework for a spring basketball program.

We are currently searching for a temporary indoor facility that would allow us to do some indoor equipment training, but at this stage, we cannot count on this coming through.

Below are the general parameters of the program

  1. We have decided on a 2 day/week (8 week) outdoor program, beginning formally on April 26. We may offer an informal bonus session in the later parts of next week. Most athletes will have a choice between Monday / Wednesday training or Tuesday / Thursday training. If necessary, it will be possible to mix and match sessions between the 2 groups to accommodate schedules.


  1. Each group will receive 16 sessions (80 minutes each). If we are required to cancel a date, it will be replaced in the following ways
    1. The first option will be to schedule into the week of June 21 – 25
    2. The second option will be to schedule sessions on a Friday or Saturday
    3. The third option will be to schedule into alternate weekdays
    4. The final option will be to extend into the first week of the summer.


  1. We have identified an outdoor space in Northwest Edmonton in the general vicinity of our future indoor home. This space has access to a number of basketball hoops a well as grass and concrete workout spaces.


  1. At this time COVID regulations prohibit team practices or gameplay so we will be compliant but we will be prepared to adjust as regulations allow.


  1. We will be charging for this program but will continue to incentivize those who are making a long-term commitment to our program.


  1. There are 4 pricing options that will be important to note.
    1. Participants interested in the spring program only will pay the spring fee of $200.
    2. Participants interested in the spring as well as the fall program will pay the spring fee of $200 and will be eligible for early bird (grandfathered) fees in the fall.
    3. Participants who submit or already have a $200 non-refundable deposit in place toward membership in the new facility, will be able to participate in spring programming for $150(separate from the deposit) and will be eligible for early bird (grandfathered) fees in the fall.
    4. Participants who submit or already have a $200 deposit in place toward membership in the new facility, but wish to wait until the fall to return, will remain eligible for early bird (grandfathered) fees in the fall

      If you already have signed up with us before and wish to use your credit please contact Deane.